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At Skinner Management we are dedicated to providing excellent accommodation at reasonable rates

T.J.S. Skinner arrived by horse in the small village of Calgary in 1883 that has grown over the 127 years to one million people and a corresponding number of vehicles. 

 In 1885 the CPR reached Calgary and what was a village became a bustling dynamic City.  The Skinner name entered the General Insurance field writing coverage through agents over the entire province.  Locally the buying and selling of Real Estate filled the Day. By 1955 Don Skinner left the General Insurance Industry to incorporate Skinner Management Company Ltd., which has involved itself in the construction business, the hotel and motel business and the acquisition and development of revenue properties.  Any limited success that has come from these ventures has come from the dedicated service to others from the exceptional staff of each entity.  

This is true of the public groups we have been involved with such as the Calgary Real Estate Board and The Chamber of Commerce. Our main focus as a landlord is to give the best possible response to inquiries from our tenants.  We do this through most understanding and professional staff.   

D.M. Skinner, Founder
Skinner Management Company Ltd.

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